Waste Management in Türkiye

Waste management in Türkiye has evolved over time through various regulations and policy changes. Efforts are being made to adopt a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to waste management. However, continuous improvement and participation are essential for developments in waste management.

Legislation on Waste Management: Waste management in Türkiye is regulated by various directives, with the "Waste Management and Control Regulation" being a primary one. These regulations cover aspects such as the collection, transportation, recycling, disposal, and control of waste.

Waste Collection and Recycling: Municipalities and private sector companies in Türkiye manage the processes of waste collection and recycling. Materials such as packaging waste, paper, glass, and plastic are separated for recycling purposes.

Producer Responsibility: The principle of "Producer Responsibility" is embraced in Türkiye. Under this principle, manufacturers are responsible for the disposal of packaging waste from their products and are expected to contribute to recycling activities.

Integrated Waste Management Facilities: Integrated waste management facilities are being established in Türkiye. These facilities utilize various technologies for recycling waste, energy production, or minimizing other environmental impacts.

Biodiversity and Nature Conservation: Türkiye has designated special nature conservation areas and national parks to protect biodiversity. Waste management in these areas is carefully conducted to avoid harming natural ecosystems.

Medical Waste: The management of medical waste generated in the healthcare sector is subject to specific regulations. The collection, transportation, and disposal of these wastes are carried out in compliance with established standards.

E-Waste Management: The management of electronic waste (e-waste) has gained importance, especially in parallel with technological developments. Specific regulations have been implemented for the collection and recycling of e-waste.